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What is IFMU?

IFMU is a small group of gamers that is trying to help support small streamers and indie devs. Initially we were a bunch of friends in high school that wanted to make videos for youtube. Since we all went to university, we haven't had the time to continue making videos. X_Pilot decided it would be a fun project to try to help the "little" people on twitter. Soon, the twitter page was massive and we had a small following, but we wanted to do more. We created the Discord to allow developers, content creators, artists and gamers in general to get together and talk! Sounds simple, but the intentions are to create a stronger bond between everybody to form a symbiotic relationship of sorts, where everybody helps each other.
IFMU is completely free and acts primarily as a hub that provides the tools for you to promote yourself. We provide the space for you to advertise your work! We will tweet out for you, but only if you ask us.

How can you help?

We're trying to create a supportive community, so anybody that joins and engages with others is welcome. As for help, we have plenty of content creators in our community that are looking for support. The same goes for the developers. Many talented people go unseen for far too long as nobody cares to look for them. Join other peoples streams! Talk to indie devs and show your support!

Who are IFMU's partners?

We are partnered with Caffeine Gaming, Indietacle and Croft Nation.

Caffeine Gaming:
Caffeine Gaming is a new and exciting site which pulls together the hottest news and information from the best gaming sites around the world. All here in one place which makes it easy for you to stay completely connected with the industry and the latest developments. We are also a site which publishes your own views and content to enable readers to benefit from each other’s opinions and experiences. Make Caffeine Gaming your daily fix.

We are always looking for people who want to help us by writing articles or creating videos. If you want to get into creating reviews on products and games or just want a rant get in touch.

Here at IndieTacle we love the creativity and passion of independent game developers because we are also indie game developers who have experienced the challenges of developing games first-hand, and also the challenges of getting those games into the hands of as many gamers as possible. 

Every 2 weeks a selection of indie games are sent to our gamers via newsletter, each game is sent by the game dev to us and we test and approve it.

After this process we send the presentation of the game to our whole community.

We try to promote new Kickstarter projects, Demos, Prototypes, Small games, Big Games and especially FUN GAMES! IndieTacle provides a new game discovery service for gamers to unearth entertaining, original content, tailored to their specific tastes, and to find other gems that they didn’t otherwise know they would enjoy.

IndieTacle features games across a wide variety of genres, including action, adventure, rogue-like dungeon crawlers, couch-co-op, artsy platformers, 8-bit narrative puzzlers, RPGs, turn-based strategy games and more. We offer both single-player and multiplayer titles and try to give our gamers and contributors as much freedom as possible. 

Croft Nation:
Croft Nation is the stream team for everybody. We have created a haven for everybody, regardless of who you are or what games you enjoy playing. We're a family of gamers, not by blood, but by heart. We each share the same passion and the same love for games. 

In our Discord server we have created a positive environment for content creators and gamers alike to interact and socialize. Our primary objective is our stream team, which consists of a bunch of awesome content creators for all platforms. In Croft Nation we help each other grow in the positive environment that we create. 

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